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"She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future."

-Proverbs 31:25

Hello friends! My name is Gabrielle, also affectionately known as "Gabby". I am a trained doula and certified childbirth educator who has been supporting women and families since 2018. I found my calling and love to become a doula after having complications during labor and delivery with my first child. I quickly realized the importance of having a professional support person to guide me throughout my birthing journey.

I help women develop the strength, hope, and encouragement to achieve an empowering birth through quality education, compassionate care, and nurturing support. I honor birth as a sacred rite of passage and am truly inspired by the strength and intelligence of women to intuitively bring life into this world.

When I'm not supporting families, I enjoy watching my daughter participate in dance competitions, rooting on my son at his basketball games, traveling to beachy spots with family and friends. It is my pleasure to accompany families on the beautiful journey towards parenthood.


Mother and newborn baby
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Doula Support

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"It was really a pleasure working with Gabby and having her as my doula. She is not only compassionate, but knowledgeable. Throughout my pregnancy she offered support both physically and emotionally to me and my husband and was helpful in ways I could not have imagined. Her presence brought a sense of calm and warmth to the atmosphere during my 11-hour laboring process. Her presence was invaluable!"

- Jasmaine R.

"Having Gabby as my doula was truly amazing. She was patient, loving and motivational. She talked me through anxiety, depression and even experienced happy days, as we bonded deeper than a doula and client."

- Dria D.

Gabby were extraordinary and I can't thank her enough for being in my corner as my doula for my birthing experience. During and before having my baby, she was there to answer any questions that I had regarding my natural birthing experience. I couldn't have done it without her and I'm blessed to have had her by my side. Gabby is one of the best doulas in the business!"

- Roxie H.

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